Monica Giesbrecht

  • Designation: MALA, CSLA, LEED AP
  • Expertise: Education, Healthcare & Recreation Design

Monica is an award-winning landscape architect who brings a passionate belief that nature has a limitless power to teach, inspire and heal to all her work. Her ongoing investigation of the social, physical and psychological impacts of human environments on children and youth, immigrants and marginalized groups, aging and physically impaired, serves as a foundation for her progressive work on educational grounds, institutional campuses, public and private parks, culturally sensitive lands and healthcare facilities. Monica combines this people-driven approach with a dedication to practical place-specific solutions that promote environmental stewardship and sustainable design. As one of the first LEED-accredited landscape architects in Manitoba, she has contributed to forward-thinking landscapes such as The Winnipeg Humane Society and Grosvenor Schoolground, places where education, community outreach and sustainable living go hand-in-hand.

Monica works hard to enrich life in Winnipeg by volunteering on the Winnipeg Arts Council and the Urban Design Advisory Committee. In addition to mentoring young professionals in the office, Monica gives back to her profession by participating in lectures and reviews at the University of Manitoba Faculty of Architecture.

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