• Millennium Library Park

  • Bipole III Environmental Impact Statement

  • Dakota Collegiate Master Plan

  • Kipekiskwaywinan: Our Voices

  • Manitoba Hydro Place

  • Lac des Mille Lacs First Nation

  • Winnipeg Folk Festival Grounds

  • Greenstone Sustainable Community Development Plan

  • Variety Heritage Adventure Playground

  • Canadian Heritage Rivers System

  • Upper Fort Garry Provincial Park

  • Pimachiowin Aki World Heritage Site

  • Lake Minnewasta Carrying Capacity Study

  • Victoria General Hospital Miracle Garden

  • Peguis First Nation

  • The Riley Family Duck Pond

  • Clearspring Middle School

  • Saint-Norbert Projects

  • Kilcona Park Master Plan

  • Saskatchewan Avenue Revitalization

  • Kenora Downtown Revitalization

  • Steinkopf Gardens Redevelopment

  • Red River Floodway Greenway

  • Traditional Knowledge Monitoring

  • Cross Lake - Pimicikamak

  • University of Manitoba Campus Developments

  • University of Winnipeg Campus & Community Development

  • Southwood Golf & Country Club

  • Helen Betty Osborne Ininew Resource Centre

  • Oodena Celebration Circle

  • Treaty Land Entitlement and Specific Claims

HTFC Planning and Design specializes in landscape architecture, community and resource planning, economic development, urban and interpretive design. While our work is focused on the prairie, boreal forest and arctic regions of North America, we occasionally bring our ability to connect nature and culture to planning partnerships as far afield as Eastern Europe, South America and Africa.


Regional Planning

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Economic & Sustainable Growth
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Urban & Rural Community Planning
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Environmental Planning

Social & Environmental Assessment
Traditional Knowledge
Rehabilitation & Remediation
Sustainable Developments

Indigenous Planning

Land Claims
Treaty Land Entitlement (TLE)
Land & Resource Planning
Environmental Co-Management
Community Planning

Landscape Architecture

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Active Transportation

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Urban Design
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